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Best Ways to Have Winter Fun in Wisconsin Dells

How to Stay Summer Warm and Have a Blast during Cold Mid-Western Winters?

Wisconsin Dells is the premier vacation destination spot in the Mid-West. But not just during the summer months. This water park hotspot boasts an ever-increasing array of cold-weather activities to keep vacationers coming back all year long.

Outdoor Sports and Activities

Skiing/snowboarding, snowshoeing and snowmobiling are always favorite winter past-times. But sometimes, the Mid-West is overlooked when it comes to these and other outdoor sports activities. The Dells area, because of its natural beauty, has an abundance of  forest, field, lake and hillside terrain to satisfy any winter sport enthusiast.

The Wisconsin Dells area has a first-rate ski area at Devils Head with 500 feet of vertical drop. Devil’s Head offers groomed runs at various levels, quad chair lifts, lessons and more.

If snowmobiling or cross-country skiing are your thing, nature trails abound for groomed or groom-it-yourself fun. Devils Lake and Christmas Mountain are popular destinations for cross-country skiing, sledding, ice-fishing, snowshoeing, and ice skating in some of the most beautiful settings anywhere.

Pamper Yourself

If you just want to unwind and relax, there are numerous options for a spa-like experience to choose from. Cleopatra’s Spa exclusively caters to those who desire rest and relaxation. Body treatments and ancient ritual baths are among the favorite offerings you will find here.

Likewise, many other resorts offer similar amenities, so that while the kids are playing in the life-guard-manned waterparks, parents can catch a much-needed break and get pampered too. The spa resort option is a nice choice for a mid-winter romantic getaway, with many hotels offering package deals that are easy on the wallet.

Great Dining

Some of the finest dining in the mid-west can be found in Wisconsin Dells. From Mexican to Vegetarian to Bar-and-Grille to Steakhouse fare—all are within a stone’s throw in the Dells area. Favorite dining establishments include: Wally’s House of Embers, High-Rock Café, Cheese Factory Restaurant, Field’s Steakhouse, Mexicali Rose and Ginza of Tokyo.


A foremost feature of Wisconsin Dells is its wide-range of day and nighttime entertainment fun. Rick Wilcox’s world-class magic show, a first-rate gambling casino at Ho-Chunk and Crystal Grand’s premier musical theatre are among the finest year-round entertainment venues in the Mid-West. Famous indoor attractions also include: Ripley’s Believe-it-or-Not, Wizard Quest and a 4-D Theater in the Downtown Dells area as well as Dells-area shopping, museums, and galleries to provide you with endless entertainment options.

All in all, if you are wondering how to keep the kids entertained and out of your hair or just find a great getaway with some winter sports, pampering, fine dining and nightlife, Wisconsin Dells won’t disappoint.